Free Sales Tool: More Clients, More Profit

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Do you want to learn how to grow your business fast? In order to have a business, you need consistent sales.

I work with entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, to Fortune 500 Corporations increasing revenue using my unique marketing and sales strategies.

If you want consistent clients knocking on your door, you’re about to find out how.

This new eBook “More Clients, More Profit” is for new or seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners who want sustainable business growth & expansion.

In this ebook you will discover:

    • Some of the most overlooked and easy to implement strategies to double your business growth

    • Proven ways to up-sell, cross-sell and package your products and services so people want to buy

    • Effective communication techniques with prospects to turn them into loyal customers

    • How to effectively use promos, discounts and freebies to close more sales and stand out among your competition


Power-Networking Techniques To Build Your Business FAST

Whether you have a business, want to build a business, or are working for someone else, learning how to network with people has been one of the most important skills I’ve mastered over the years to increase sales.

In a few moments you will have access to an audio MP3 file you can listen to at anytime to strengthn your networking skills and build lasting relationships.

On this audio file you will learn:

  • Seven ways to ensure success even before you start networking

  • Shift your perception to get sales faster and build your network

  • My “sneaky” little tricks to meet the right people and connect quickly with others

  • Best kept secrets on what to do after an event to achieve concrete results

Get More Clients, More Profit Today!

“Stacey Ellen has been my business coach since 2014. During our sessions together Stacey has been key in guiding me to hone my message, build strategic partnerships and expand the scope and quality of my organizing packages.
She has taught me to come more from my heart and listen more closely at how I can better serve my clients.

I have increased the number of packages I have sold since working with Stacey as well as increasing the value I offer my clients while being well compensated. Stacey has also guided me on speaking to larger audiences.”

Diane Halfman

San Diego, CA

“Stacey is my secret weapon! She helped me overcome obstacles, attract opportunities, and dramatically increase my income. I went from living a boring life to moving to my dream city and creating my dream business.”

Kevin Davie

Ft. Collins, Colorado