What Does Self-Compassion Have to do With Sales?



If you ask, most people say, “Sure, I’m a compassionate person. I’m full of compassion for others. I take care of all of these people and I really love people and my clients.”

Personally, I love when people share that they have a desire to take care of others.

What I’m often seeing lacking though, is the way in which they take care of themselves.

You see, compassion is a two way street, that starts with you, FIRST.

This week I found myself pushing to get things accomplished.   I have a Masterclass coming out soon on client attraction, but I realized that between last week and this week, I hadn’t taken much of a break in my work schedule.

As an entrepreneur that loves what I do, it’s easy to get caught up in the creation piece of my business and trudging forward without a cause for pause because I enjoy it.

However, our minds and our bodies NEED downtime.

The more we push, push, push to get things done and accomplished, the more downtime we will need because the more energy we are exerting. They go hand in hand.

Before I knew it, my body reacted and I was forced to relax.

When you allow yourself time and give compassion to yourself, you will then have MORE energy to help others.

Everything improves, including your sales.

You see, your energy is constantly attracting what you are vibrating to the world, then you are manifesting that to your physical self.

If you are always in give mode, whether it be free sessions to potential clients, helping your family, taking care of your kids, volunteering, making yourself always available for friends; AND you aren’t listening to your body, you won’t remain in a receptive place to attract more sales to your business.

The more you are open to RECEIVE, the more clients you will attract.

Your body and your feelings NEVER LIE!

If you do attract from a place where you are feeling depleted, the potential client won’t feel aligned, because YOU aren’t aligned with your own energy of needing to have self-compassion and take care of yourself.

They will feel your desire to help them, is really a desire to help yourself. It’s all energy and the universe doesn’t know the difference.

There are steps you can take to honor yourself and give yourself the self-compassion to attract more of what you want, including more sales.

Here’s a list that you can use right away to improve your sales!

Give Compassion to Self First:
1. Notice your emotions… when you are feeling depleted, tired, anxious, overwhelmed, or angry.
2. Take a moment to acknowledge those feelings.
3. Feel the feelings.
4. Let go of any judgment that may arise…making yourself right/wrong, good/bad for having them.
5. Ask yourself, what do I need in this moment:

Am I tired?

Am I hungry?

Am I overwhelmed?

Am I angry?

6. What is the next best move to honor myself right now?
7.  Maybe you need a snacks?
8.  Perhaps it’s a 20 minute nap
9.  A walk around the block
10. Watch a funny video on YouTube
11. Move your body through dance or stretches to get the blood flowing and the energy moving
12. Write a poem, create art, read for pleasure
13. Play a game with someone or your child
14. CRY if you feel stuck emotions – let them fly.  The key is to choose something in the moment that FEELS good or RELEASES what’s stuck in the present moment.

And if you are a sensitive being like myself, you may even need to take more than one day for downtime to honor your body and emotions. AND THAT’S ALL OK.

There is no one right way to do anything, but there is a way to identify what works best for you.

Practice one or more of what I listed above and tune into how differently your energy feels when you are communicating with potential clients, networking, or having those sales conversations.

You will be clear, open, receptive, and coming from a place of service.

And from this energetic place, a potential client will NOW quickly become your ideal client~

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic below. And/Or, let me know what happens when you start implementing more self-compassion into your daily schedule.

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