Set Intentions to Create Abundance


I often get asked… Why are setting intentions as important as setting goals?

Simple – when your intentions are aligned to what you want subconsciously, you are 100% more likely to accomplish those goals.

An Intention is the mental that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.

Studies from as far back as the seventies show that our brains begin to prepare for action just over a third of a second before we consciously decide to act. In other words, even when we ‘think’ we are conscious, it is our unconscious mind that is actually making our decisions for us.

And it seems the unconscious mind is running us on its automatic pilot mode, 95% of the time!

Crazy huh?

Last Sunday, a group of us drove to Los Angeles to visit Agape Spiritual Center to see Michael Beckwith. He created the Agape Spiritual Center, has written numerous books, and has appeared on his own PBS special, and has been a guest on Oprah, Oprah, Larry King, and in the Secret.

I was very excited and made an intention to meet and connect with Michael as he’s one of my favorite living spiritual teachers.

I said what I intended…then I trusted that it would be for my highest good if it happened.

Well, we got there early and I went to stand under a tree for shade and as I looked to my right, he happened to be standing right next to me as he had just gotten out of his previous service.

He normally doesn’t do many photos and he was already surrounded with people begging for his attention.

I waited patiently with a smile on my face, and stayed close.

Then everything lined up for him to turn my way… We talked for a bit, and a women took my camera and took at picture.

It was effortless… easy.   I was in the flow.


Below are some simple steps to Set Intentions & Create Abundance


  1. Get clear on what you want (if you’re not clear it won’t happen)
  2. Affirm Them to the Universe (command to the universe for them to show up. I command…
  3. Trust & Believe they all will unfold for your highest good
    (This means, stop thinking about them over them again and again. That will place too much energy on them and repel them away from you.)
  4. Let go (surrender to however they will unfold)
    (let go of the expectation of how they will happen & in what time frame) We can be clear on what they are and then surrender to how things will show up for us.
  5. Take Action In That Direction
    Had I not shown up for the service, I would have never met him. Take one small step forward with unwavering belief in yourself and the universe

Clarity + Affirm + Trust/Believe + Surrender + Action = Results

Now it’s your turn.

What are your intentions for this month in your business?

Share them with me…

Join me in my facebook group as we set Intentions every Monday and watch them unfold every week.

The SoulPreneur Collective

To abundance flowing effortlessly~




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