Master Your Time: 5 Practices to Create More Time In Your Schedule

Do you think it’s really possible to create more time?

It’s a question I get asked by clients ALL THE TIME.

I’m sure we all agree that we have the same amount of hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a year… And as we age we often feel that time speeds up without our control.

Ever hear yourself saying, “There’s just not enough time to do, be, have, experience, (you fill in the blank..)  I know I have caught myself with these words flowing out of my mouth quite a few times. ?

As busy leaders juggling careers, running businesses, parenting, relationships, and free time, many of us have a million things on the proverbial “To Do List” that may not ever get accomplished. Can you relate?

I’m going to share with you some big secrets and a fun rhyme to reprogram any limiting thought patterns you may have around time.

Why? Because I’m a firm believer that ​“You Can Create more time by Managing the Mind”.

Now to add to my rhyme, here are some quick mindful thought practices you can start to implement right away to live a more peaceful life while still getting things accomplished.

  1. Empowering Mantras to Reset Your Energy

The above phrase/rhyme is something you can start saying daily to reinforce a new thought pattern about your perception of time. Go ahead and replace the You with I and the statement reads “I WILL create more time by managing my mind.” Rhymes help our brains easily remembers things. That’s why (if you’re anything like me) you probably still remember some of your childhood nursery rhymes or jingles you hear on commercials.

Now add some more empowering statements along side that one,  “I have all the time I need to do the things I want in my life. And, I can change directions anytime something doesn’t feel aligned.”  It may not feel true in this very moment, but when you have self-defeating thoughts or something happens that doesn’t feel good, you always have a choice to redirect your thoughts and energy to something that brings joy.

  1. Pay Extra Attention to Your Thoughts When You’re Alone  

  It can be easy to notice our thoughts when we are speaking to someone and thinking about how we want to respond.

Yet, it can be difficult to stop and acknowledge the thoughts we have when we are alone. And when no one is around, it’s a lot easier to let our thoughts run wild. We produce up to 50,000 thoughts a day and 70% to 80% of those are negative. This translates to 40,000 negative thoughts a day that need managing and filtering – which is no small task! How much more can you practice remaining mindful of your thoughts, (especially when you’re alone), so you can begin to filter these thoughts on an hourly basis and see more time flow back into your schedule.

  1. Steer Clear of Past or Future Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Most people live in the past or future meaning; we spend too much time thinking about things that have already happened or were think about what were going to do. Seldom are we in the NOW or present moment. Have you ever driven somewhere and suddenly realized you hardly know how you got there?  I know, me too. While driving you weren’t in the present moment because you were in your head thinking about other things. Play a game with yourself and count how many times you are actually present throughout your day. Heck, start with an hour.  I guarantee if you practice thinking and living in the present NOW moments, it will be much easier to manage your time and create spaces for the things truly important in the day.

  1. Quit Looking at All Possible Outcomes

Are you someone that writes out that pro’s and con’s list? Or, do you feel stressed thinking about what might not happen or what might actually happen? Or, do you spend time playing the
“What if “ game? What if….  (you fill in the blank.)

Here’s the deal… spending your precious brain power thinking and re-thinking will often keep you stuck and not accomplishing anything. There are many reasons people tend to get stuck decision-making. Sometimes it’s a delay tactic because of fear or failure or success, other times people don’t want to lose control or perfectionism comes into play. What you can do now is make a decision based on your gut instinct because indecision robs you of time and power. And, the more you can trust that all will get accomplished and happen for your highest good, the easier instant decision making becomes. You will never know if something is or isn’t going to work out. But you can make the best possible decision that feels aligned in that moment and move forward. If things don’t unfold according to plan, then you get to realign and redirect your energy to something that does. It’s that simple. Make a decision and stop wasting time.

5.  Manage Your Own Energy

Do you wake up energized every morning or do you get energized around lunch or later in the evening?

If you gain a deeper understanding of your energy peaks, you can create more time in your schedule. If you aren’t a morning person but continue to force yourself to do a certain type of work in the morning that annoys you, you actually end up wasting energy because it will take you longer to accomplish. And even if it doesn’t take you longer, you may feel drained because in that moment, you pushed yourself to do something that didn’t align with your energy. Notice when it’s easier to accomplish a specific task during the day. If you want to take on something outside of your comfort zone or you know that making calls or presenting takes a great deal of brain power and energy, make time to do these things when you feel relaxed and energized. When you become more aware of your body cycles, you can plan your day accordingly and it will be energizing and add time to your schedule.

Now it’s up to you! It’s great to know these things, but will you put them into practice?
If you do – Keep me posted and comment with your results below!

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