Game-Changing Questions for Establishing Quality Relationships through Business Networking 

Part 1: Questions for YOU to Ask Someone You Meet At A Networking Event

(Note: These questions are to be used in sequential order.)


1.  Ask a light question as an icebreaker to someone you don’t know. Some examples of questions are below:

Do you know the speaker?
Did you have trouble with parking?
How was your day?

(Depending on the time you have and the immediate connection you feel, you may get straight to the point and go from question 1 to question 3.  However, asking any of the questions in number 2 will build an emotional connection quickly with someone.)


2.  In order to create an emotional bond quickly, use one of the following:

What are you passionate about?
What are you creating?


3.    In a networking group filled with Entrepreneurs or Business Owners, you can eliminate number 3.  Number 3 is important if you don’t know what the person’s position is within the company.  This question specifically tells you where someone is within the hierarchy of a corporation.  It also will inform you quickly if they are a decision–maker.

What do you do for your firm?


4.      Understanding a person’s target market will help you connect them with others and see if or how you can develop business together.

What does your company/firm do?


5.     The question below determines if you target the same market, if it would be beneficial to establish a partnership, or if you have someone you can introduce them to right away.

What’s your target market or what individuals do you target?


6.       The question below determines what authority they have within their company, their background, and longevity in their chosen field.

How long have you had your company or been with your company/firm?



PART 2: Responses for When Someone Asks for YOUR Introduction

Have your positioning statement (minute elevator speech) about what you do, what problem you solve, and the benefits you and your company provide to others.

If you are enjoying this person and feel a connection, use these questions below.


1.        Is there someone you want to connect with here today?

(Give introductions right away if you can.  If you don’t know anyone to connect someone with right away, write down their need on a piece of paper or the card they give you so you can make a point to follow-up after.)


2.        Is there any other specific need you have in your business or personal life that I might be able to assist you with?


3.         How can I best support you today? 


*Always Express Gratitude after someone shares



PART 3: Exit Strategies

OPTION SET 1.   If you can’t take action on a person’s request right away after your introduction, and you want to establish a business relationship with this person going forward, use one of the below Exit Strategies.  Feel free to choose Option A or B.

A.  May I have your card?  I will give you a ring or shoot an email tomorrow.  Let’s get together
and see if we can help each other develop some business.  It was a pleasure meeting you.

Then Walk Away


B.  May I have your card?  As business professionals, I know we are busy so I would like to stay
in touch and put you on my email list as I post exciting action steps for (whatever they do, their title. For example, Entrepreneurs) that want to grow their business. If you don’t like what you see, you can opt out anytime.  But I’m a firm believer that we can all help one another grow our business if we can stay in touch.

(This one is used for List-Building)

Then Walk Away


OPTION SET 2.  If No immediate Connection and interest in getting to know someone better,
these tools will leave both parties empowered and recognized:

A.  It was nice meeting you.  I know you have other people you would like to meet and I have
others you would  like to connect with.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Then Walk Away


B.  Say the above in part A, then introduce them to someone else that may be a
good connection for them.

Then Walk Away


C.  It was nice meeting you, have you met my friend Allison yet?  You have a
similar target market or industry.

Then Walk Away


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