Love + Kudos

Don’t take my word for it.
Hear what my clients have to say.

Stacey’s style is personal, direct, and what I liked the most is that she listens without judgment. Through the last 4 months I have doubled the amount of sales contracts and clients and expanded and created another revenue stream adding translation services to my notary business.

Lucia Acosta, Owner, Legal Docs

I’d been to other business coaches that didn’t last for one reason or another. I learned how to trust my intuition, create confidence, and run my company as a professional business man. We created systems for my sales process, hiring, and I now have a pipeline of clients booked out. We created more structure, processes and hired a workforce to help me create a profitable business.

Craig Beckner
Owner, Beckner Contracting & Management

I started my own business and within 6 months had more clients than I could handle and now running a million dollar company. Stacey has a unique skill set crossing personal coaching talent with a keen sense for business and it was just what I needed.

Jenn Soto
CEO, Digital Marketing 

We worked on my internal state, self talk, forgiveness and did lots of inner work and I realized I created everything in my life.  I started to begin trusting myself and let go of my aversion to sales. I began making 2K a month and last month made 13K in one month. I used to live in scarcity and now I book every client I meet with. I now know I’m good enough and have an amazing teacher, Stacey.

Brittany Hampton
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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Over the last 6 months I became more fulfilled in life, health and connecting with my own energy. I even broke the record of the 100K expectation in my company and brought in over a million in Technology sales.

Marco Renggli
Technology Sales

We ended up working on more personal development and I now have more presence and awareness that I was lacking.

Stacey helped me transform my thoughts and beliefs to see things differently around working while I grow my business. Thank you for your guidance, Stacey.

Professional Organizer

I was miserable in the corporate world and after we started working together and began to receive many job offers in many different areas. Now I moved to my dream state of Colorado and I’m part of a succession plan and managing my own book of business for my financial planning company. Stacey helped me get out of my own way, opening up space to receive and attract what I want. We worked on self-worth, getting clear about who I was and what I wanted, and unpacked years of bad habits. Stacey gave me the support as we worked on sales, networking and was an amazing sounding board. My biggest resistance was spending money to work with someone because my field is ROI, yet I got to learn how to trust, lean it, and it all worked out. The results of coaching were phenomenal AND I learned it’s great to have ongoing maintenance with a coach in your corner.

Kevin Davie
Financial Advisor, Partner Portfolio Manager

Stacey has a holistic approach and brings so much experience when it comes to sales, marketing, relationship marketing.  I was able to build strategic alliances, guest blogging, and guest appearances. And, she helped me understand industry standards around Speaking to further build my business.

Michelle Galarza
CEO Incredible Love, Relationships and Dating Coach

I’m grateful for the work Stacey has done with me. I was skeptical of wanting a coach, and although she’s not only a real estate coach specifically, there was something that I heard that was different from other coaches. I’ve been more productive and grateful I made that decision to work with her. She’s helped me expand my life, business, and thoughts and has done a lot of great work with me.

Michael Solis

Working through Stacey’s program we worked on mindset, clarity around strengths and put together an action plan. She’s thorough, dives deep and has great communication skills.

Linh Balteff 
Operations Manager

Through Stacey’s coaching I was able to go inward and figure out what brought me happiness.

I would recommend Stacey to anyone going through a time of transition.

Melinda Chemor
Copywriter, Social Media Expert

Stacey’s group coaching program transformed me and my business! When I connected with Stacey I was feeling stuck in my business but knew I was wanting to improve and grow.

I enjoyed the flow of the program as Stacey encouraged me to continuously step out of my comfort zone in a kind, gentle, but firm way. We put a plan in place so I stopped losing money and started to attract that which I wanted. I learned how to setup and improve my organizing company to run more like a business, rather than something I was doing on the side.

She went through a great deal about sales, packaging, pricing, connecting with prospects/clients on how to move forward with to create a profitable business. Additionally, I learned how to trust myself, paying careful attention to my words, thoughts, and ways I could share my gifts that felt good to me. The momentum increased throughout our time together and I started to bring in new clients with ease.

Thank you Stacey!

Amy Angel
San Diego, CA

Stacey Ellen has been my business coach since September 2014. During our sessions together Stacey has been key in guiding me to hone my message, build strategic partnerships and expand the scope and quality of my organizing packages.

Stacey holds the space for me to be more accountable in who I am being, my awareness of the conversations I am having and the depth of really understanding what my clients needs are and meeting those needs. She has taught me to come more from my heart and listen more closely at how I can better serve my clients.

I have increased the number of packages I have sold since working with Stacey as well as increasing the value I offer my clients while being well compensated. Stacey has also guided me on speaking to larger audiences.

Stacey goes above and beyond to be flexible with my schedule as well as gives me timely tools that keep me moving forward in my business and life. She understands the seasonal nature of my business and allows me the time to implement and serve in my business as well as when to ramp up to the next level.

Diane Halfman
San Diego, CA

Working with Stacey has been truly life changing.  I came to her very unfocused and not knowing exactly what I needed, just that I was very lost and unhappy where I was in my life and career and desperate to feel any way other than this.  Through our coaching engagements we covered everything from body image and confidence issues, healing around loving and honoring one’s self, to career and lifestyle makeover.

What I especially appreciate about Stacey is how intuitive she is, and how she can sense exactly where we need to go even when I, myself, don’t even know.  Stacey is very easy to talk to and confide in, which made it possible to start with some deep healing around some of my own stories which were really holding me back.  This prepared me to accept the great many gifts now coming to me in my career.

“I have started my own business and already have the good fortune of as many clients as I can handle.  I have hired my first employee and am looking for a second.  This has all materialized so fast… 6 months!  It turns out I had what I needed inside me all along, but I had to get out of my own way.  Stacey has a unique skill set crossing personal coaching talent with a keen sense for business and it was just what I needed.

My sessions with Stacey are always so valuable and every time I speak with her I leave with a few new tools to continue to live this beautiful life I can’t believe is mine sometimes.  I love where I am now, and Stacey was crucial in helping me create this!  Thank you, Stacey!

Jenn Soto
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Stacey as a business coach if you are looking for someone with a high level of integrity who offers heart centered coaching and mentoring as well as clear guidelines to keep you accountable in your business goals.

I looked back through all of the notes I had from the sessions and attempted to piece together how she did this, but that’s the part that made me realize that she is just a natural coach.

I am blown away by how she weaved together my deep psychological issues and self-stuff with the in the moment work advice and general what-to-do-with-life-this-week guidance.  There is an incredible set of thinking skills that you possess that sets you apart from anyone I’ve worked with in the past.

I love that she really did guide me, and that I could trust that she would! Every conversation we had was productive and either changed my mood if it needed changing or gave me a push to do something that would take me a step further to make something of that day or in my life. I appreciate that she always got through your full list of the things you wanted to get through without ever cutting me off or discounting something new that I brought up. Stacey said in our first consultation that she really wanted to work with me, and I felt that throughout the entire time.

Susan Wofsy
San Francisco, CA

Stacey is my secret weapon! She helped me overcome obstacles, attract opportunities, and dramatically increase my income. I went from living a boring life to moving to my dream city and creating my dream business.

Kevin Davie
Ft. Collins, Colorado

In one hour, Stacey was able to uncover the patterns that were keeping me stuck in my business and provide actionable solutions to help me overcome these issues. Although I’ve coached with other people in the past, Stacey gave me a different perspective that I wasn’t aware of before.

Minling Chuang
Los Angeles, CA

Stacey is a natural at professional and personal guidance to uplift, encourage and motivate. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to land your dream job, and keep it. She is extremely positive, realistic, spiritual and enlightened. I would recommend Stacey to help find your path personally or professionally. She helped me focus on my career goals and path. She also assisted in helping organize and create my resume to make it stand out. I would highly recommend Stacey as a coach if you are looking to renew, recreate or expand your professional career.

Julie Devine, West Coast Sales Manager
San Diego, CA