Power Event Package


1. Power Hour 
$300 Value



2. Women’s Entrepreneur Conference – March 2016
$499 Value

Top women speakers you don’t want to miss!

Les Brown’s Daughter (Ona Brown), Loral Langemeier, Ronda Britten, Elizabeth McCormick, Erik Swanson, and yours truly.  🙂

Why attend this event?




3. Attend one of our upcoming events this year!
$497 Value

You pick what event works for you through the rest of this year.  Each event has an average of 150-250 people that attend to learn, grow, connect, and get inspired to action.

San Diego, CA – June 18th

San Diego, CA – November 5th

Saint Louis, MO – September 18th


Learn from 15 speakers successful speakers how to up-level in your business.

What are attend these events?

Some names you may know:

Dennis Waitley (Authored 16 non-fiction books, international best sellers, known as productivity consultants on high performance human achievement, 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages is one of the most listened to voices on personal and career success.),

Sharon Lechter (Think and Grow Rich-Three Feet from Gold and Outwitting the Devil were both written in cooperation with the Foundation. A publishing powerhouse, Sharon’s most recent release is Think and Grow Rich for Womem)

Frank Shankwitz (founder of Make a Wish Foundation),

Brian Smith (founder of Uggs)

Erik Swanson Mr. Awesome, (best selling author, motivational speaker),

Greg Reid (motivational speaker, published over 45 books, 28 best sellers, five motion pictures),
James Malinchak (The Secret Millionaire, Self-Made Millionaire and Speaker)

Loral Langemeier (Multi-Millionaire, Money Mindset, Speaker)




4.  Book – “Changing Lanes”
$25 Value

Get started right away to accelerate joy in life and business growth!  My story shared on page 131.

Total Value of Joy to Success Package – $1,321


Your Price –  $197

Please click on the link below to take inspired action toward your goals.

“It’s when we leap that the net appears.”

I look forward to supporting you to fulfill your biggest dreams!

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