Have you ever noticed yourself thinking or saying…

-I’ll be happy once I get this job or finish this project

-I’ll be happy once I get into a relationship

-I’ll be happy once I make X amount of money

Maybe you aren’t going on the vacation your dreaming about, or you don’t have the savings
account, or you’re frustrated that money keeps flowing out of your hands.

These things won’t happen if you aren’t living in JOY in the present moment. If you aren’t in JOY, you aren’t
able to consciously and consistently create what you want in life.

Happiness is future-oriented. If you continuously find yourself saying or thinking “Someday When”…Then you are allowing
outside expectations to have to align with your own expectations in order for you to feel good.

What if you could take your power back to create internal, non-fleeting happiness?

This kind of happiness that is created from within you is called JOY.

Joy comes when you make piece with who you are, what you are, where you are, and it’s created internally.


So how do you create everlasting JOY in your life?

What if I told you that in 5 days, you could learn my exact step-by-step process for creating inspired JOY within yourself on a daily basis?

Each time I work with people, they are totally blown away by what they are able to discover about themselves through this process.

And even more than that, they are shocked to realize that they CAN actually create JOY on a minute-by-minute basis. 

    Join the 5-Day Inspired Joy Challenge

    Ok, so let’s talk about how this challenge goes down.

    It’s actually quite simple.

    Over the course of 5 days, I’ll guide you through a series of short emails and prompts, which will help you dive
    deep into who you are, and make peace with where you are.

    You’ll get clear on where you may fall into self-sabotage mode, and how to create a deeper foundation of love within yourself.

    We will discuss how to create joy through inspiration and how to cultivate it on a daily basis so you can begin to effortlessly
    start to attract more of what you want in life.

    You’ll get clear on how to add more play and different ways you can add self-care to your busy schedule.

    And, you’ll create a template you can access daily to create YOUR positive phrases to unlock your desires.

    When you’re done with the Inspired Joy Challenge, I guarantee you’ll feel completely inspired about your life and you’ll have
    a much better understanding about how to live in an updated vibration attracting everything you want.

    Are You Finally Ready to
    Create More Joy in your Life?

    Hey there, I’m Stacey Ellen – Founder of Stacey Ellen Enterprises & the BFree Inner Circle
    I’m a wife, a transformation specialist, and I’ve been helping others fully stand in their power and create their dream life for over a decade.
    I’m here to flip the script and completely reveal all of my secrets so you can unbassionaly create your dream life.

    It all starts right here, with the Inspired Joy Challenge.

    Isn’t it time you stopped spinning your wheels reading the next self-help book or going to the conference, and took inspired action to create more fulfillment in your life?