Day 5: Inspired Joy Challenge – Consciously Create time to Laugh, Play, and Create

You did it! You’re almost at the end! Welcome to Day 5 of the Inspired Joy Challenge! If you missed any of the previous days, CLICK HERE to access them.

You now get to create some fun—– Whoooo Hooo! 

We all have the ability to consciously create our life in each moment. 

If you’re like many people, you probably have a schedule that you follow every day; one that keeps you focused and taking action on your goals. That same schedule might often keep you from experiencing joy and ultimate bliss in each day of your life. The question I want you to ask yourself is, “how can I create more JOY in each moment of my day (no matter what you are doing)?

If you inject more meaning or ingenuity into routine tasks, you can make them more rewarding. In one study of hospital cleaning staff, some were unhappy with the job, but others upped their pleasure by creating new challenges, like working more efficiently or helping patients.  

Whether it’s playing a sport of goofing around, creating fun isn’t just about having fun. It promotes well-being and increases your energy. Leisure activities can boost our effectiveness, increase creativity, and create new perspectives about life. They also help us build confidence and lift our emotions. Creating more fun and play into your day is your birthright. You get to choose in every moment what you choose to focus on and what you do with your thoughts and actions thereafter.

So what can you do to infuse more joy, laughter and play into your day? 


Become an Observer of your thoughts and don’t take things so personally. Choose to giggle at yourself when you find yourself comparing yourself to others or having extreme thoughts about what “might happen.” 

Practice Laughing at hassles & challenges as they arise. Find what’s a bit absurd or amusing in a challenging situation. Bonus points: Can you find the amusement in traffic or while running errands?

Free up time in your schedule. What can you scratch off your calendar? Set aside a time for fun, and keep it like it is a doctor’s appointment.  You may even want to set an alarm on your watch for every couple hours to take a break to create fun! 

Engage in a creative interest. Writing, drawing, painting, singing or making music all have therapeutic effects. Does anyone else sing in the shower or car?? Music is known to have healing effects on the mind, body and soul.

Create time to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Bake a cake, learn a new language, build a tree house, or learn to knit or bowl. If you’re not sure how, take a class or look for a local group dedicated to the activity.

Do something you enjoy every day. Schedule it! Set a date and time on your calendar. That might mean dancing, playing you’re your kiddos, working in the garden, painting or reading, walking.

Find humor in places outside of yourself… Make the time to watch a funny video, a comedy, or reading something that moves you to laughter.

Reconnect with the child within you and do something you loved as a kid. Camp in the yard, run through the sprinklers, make a mess with finger paints.

Place a funny saying or picture on your mirror or computer to remind you to smile. Change them weekly so you stay engaged and it feels exciting to read.

Spend time and laugh with someone who brings positivity. Good times build happiness, connectedness, and deep feelings of joy and contentment.

Share your joy. If you want to more fully experience your positive experiences, tell a friend about them. That way you’ll get to relive the moment—and enjoy your friend’s reaction.

Let go of those complainers & energy vampires in your life. If you don’t “feel good” being in someone’s company all the time, they probably aren’t a good joyful match for you. 

Please join the rest of the challengers in the Facebook Group and share the following:

1.  Track how many times you smiled or laughed today. 
What’s your number? 

2. What activities did you do to add more fun and creativity into your day?  Was this an easy task? How long did the “feel good” emotions last?  Did you have trouble creating more time to experience joy?


I’m so happy for you! You committed and took the initial steps to learn how to Create Inspired Joy in your life on a daily basis. And, you can refer back to this challenge at anytime! 

It’s an ongoing practice and the more personal growth you practice, the greater results you will see. 

Now go celebrate your completion of these 5 days.  EnJOY your evening!  But before you go….


P.S Last chance to share your results in the Facebook Group to win a 1-1 Breakthrough Session with me, valued at $550.

P.P.S. We’re about at the end of the challenge, but hopefully not our journey together. 

I’ll be sending you an email tomorrow with some exciting news about a special, one time opportunity designed with you in mind! We covered a great deal in 5 days and you are probably feeling pretty good right now… but imagine what would happen if you had this type of support ongoing throughout the year when other, unforeseeable obstacles or challenge arise in life? Would that be helpful? What if we could even go deeper within your own growth process so you can begin to manifest all you want? Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow… 🙂