Sky-Rocket Your Profits Over the Holidays


Do the holidays feel like the slowest time of the year for your business?

Holidays bring about the best and worse in everyone. Are you filled with joy or pain having to Christmas shop, house decorate, attend parties, and visit family within a short period of time?

The average Entrepreneur is already spinning with things to do to keep the business afloat or rockin’ during the holidays. The holidays can often sneak up on you, and money is flying out the door for gifts, networking events, and cooking family’s favorite dishes.

Do you feel overwhelmed with family obligations and lack the stamina to keep your business growing through the holidays?

Family members and old friends may even surround you during the holidays that don’t support your vision or mission of your business. This can be frustrating and debilitating as you are working toward finishing the year strong.

Now is your chance to learn how to raise your energy, attract more money, and move through the holidays free from overwhelm and stress.

Join us to get the tools and strategies to enable you to get more business through the holidays.


Holiday Harvest
Turn Prospects to Profits During the Holidays

Let’s rock this holiday season together on calls that will support you and enable you to accomplish your end of the year goals with ease.

On the calls you will receive:

1. Quick strategies to get to 10K/20k a month now

2. How to keep your business on track and meeting your end of the year goals

3. Ways to stay positive, relaxed, and handle stress through the holidays

4. How to stand strong in your energy when judgment or criticism shows up from others who don’t doesn’t see your potential or understand your business

5. Stay inspired, motivated, and get more business during the holidays


Calls are Training and Q&A Sessions

Bonus: Private 1-1 call with me at the end of 6 weeks for additional support (Valued at $400 alone for private call)

Bonus: More Clients; More Profits Ebook (50 ways to get more clients now)(Valued at $30)

Calls Begin:
Tuesday, December 1st, Noon PST – Tuesday, January 12th (skip one week over Christmas)

“Stacey’s group coaching program transformed me and my business! When I connected with Stacey I was feeling stuck in my business but knew I was wanting to improve and grow.

I enjoyed the flow of the program as Stacey encouraged me to continuously step out of my comfort zone in a kind, gentle, but firm way. We put a plan in place so I stopped losing money and started to attract that which I wanted. I learned how to setup and improve my organizing company to run more like a business, rather than something I was doing on the side.

She went through a great deal about sales, packaging, pricing, connecting with prospects/clients on how to move forward with to create a profitable business. Additionally, I learned how to trust myself, paying careful attention to my words, thoughts, and ways I could share my gifts that felt good to me. The momentum increased throughout our time together and I started to bring in new clients with ease.”
Amy A., San Diego

One Payment – $500

Two Payments- $275 (Nov/Dec)

“Stacey Ellen has been my business coach since September 2014. During our sessions together Stacey has been key in guiding me to hone my message, build strategic partnerships and expand the scope and quality of my organizing packages.

Stacey holds the space for me to be more accountable in who I am being, my awareness of the conversations I am having and the depth of really understanding what my clients needs are and meeting those needs. She has taught me to come more from my heart and listen more closely at how I can better serve my clients.

I have increased the number of packages I have sold since working with Stacey as well as increasing the value I offer my clients while being well compensated. Stacey has also guided me on speaking to larger audiences.

I highly recommend Stacey as a business coach if you are looking for someone with a high level of integrity who offers heart centered coaching and mentoring as well as clear guidelines to keep you accountable in your business goals.”
Diane H., San Diego

“Working with Stacey has been truly life changing. I have started my own business and already have the good fortune of as many clients as I can handle. I have hired my first employee and am looking for a second. This has all materialized so fast… 6 months!

It turns out I had what I needed inside me all along, but I had to get out of my own way. Stacey has a unique skillset crossing personal coaching talent with a keen sense for business and it was just what I needed. My sessions with Stacey are always so valuable and every time I speak with her I leave with a few new tools to continue to live this beautiful life I can’t believe is mine sometimes. I love where I am now, and Stacey was crucial in helping me create this! Thank you, Stacey!”
Jennifer M., San Fransisco

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