The Quickest Way to Obtain a New Client or Job

We live in a world of language and instant gratification. Keeping your word show’s high integrity and builds a foundation of instant trust between two people.

“Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it.”

This seems like an obvious statement, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t keep their word. Examples can range from being late to a meeting or not calling when you say you will.

Practice becoming aware of where you might not be keeping your word in all of your interactions. Once you become aware of your own personal patterns, you can choose different actions, which will lead to different outcomes.

Always Answer the Call
How do you feel if you call someone and always get his or her voicemail?

If you are chatting with a friend on the phone and don’t recognize the number calling in, answer it anyway. You never know if that person on the other line is a recruiter, client, prospect, or why they are calling.

Everyone wants to feel important so if you click over you can say, “I was on the other line but clicked over because you are important to me and I didn’t want to miss your call. “

Follow-up, Follow-up
Yes, it’s the age-old advice we hear from everyone. But do you always follow-up?

If you tell a prospect, clients, or someone that you will be calling on a certain day at a certain time, do it. If you tell someone you meet at an event you will follow-up with him or her, do it.

When someone doesn’t follow-through on a verbal or written commitment, it can trigger uncomfortable emotions for another person. Some may automatically see the person as unreliable and won’t move forward with a relationship.

Remember thank you notes?
Since the advent of technology, it’s not imperative to send a follow-up thank you after connecting with a prospect, client, or job candidate. People love to be appreciated and know that they spent their time wisely in connecting with you.

However, if you want to stand out, try sending a Hand Written thank you note to everyone you connected with in your meeting. Whether it’s a prospective employer or a sales meeting, people will appreciate the hand written word or card. In todays fast past technology driven society, receiving a simple thank you note is a great way to show gratitude and engage your audience.

Adopt a Give Before Receive Philosophy
In order to give before you get, adopt a philosophy of helping others without expectation of what you are going to get back. In this way you aren’t setting the relationship up to be transactional.

You may not be able to directly work with someone or hire someone on the spot, but you may be able to provide some value that could help them in the now. Provide support or referral to someone and they will remember you. The more you invest in a relationship, the more you will receive when you are in need. Give, give, give, give, and then get.

The Perceived Value Outweighs the Cost
Everything comes down to the Perceived Value of what you are providing to someone. Why would they want to hire you? What makes you better than someone else or another service?

One way to look at this question is by asking yourself, “Why would you hire yourself for this service or job? What value do I bring to the table?”

Not only do you need to provide value, you also need to provide the results others have experienced to back up the perceived value. What results have you produced for other companies? What do you provide that differentiates you in the market place?

Relay your personal value proposition as it relates to saved time and money for someone and you will quickly demonstrate how the perceived value outweighs the cost.

To your continued success,


5 Ways to Access your Inner Genius On Demand

We are all individuals that have our own unique strengths. To remain happy and content, it’s imperative we learn how to apply our individual strengths to our everyday lives.

It’s easy to beat yourself up thinking you should be better at something. Most of us do this on a daily basis without even

Tip #1 Love More

The more love you have for yourself, the more others will be attracted to you and you will feel comfortable enough to be you and access your inner genius.

This may sound cheesy, but it works! Every morning throw your arms around yourself and give a squeeze. Then look in the mirror and say I love you at least 5 times to the person you see before you. The more you practice, the easier this will get and the more confortable you will be to express your inner beauty.

Tip #2 Connecting with Your Strengths

Many people go through life knowing some things they are good at, but haven’t taken the time to do an in depth inventory of their strengths? Your strengths are what make you a unique individual. Becoming more familiar with your strengths will allow your inner genius to shine to the world.

A great book I like to recommend is called Strengthfinder by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton. By the book, skip to chapter 3, then go online to take a quiz to access your 5 top strengths. You then get to read about your top 5 strengths and how to apply them to your career or business.

The clearer you are about your strengths, the clearer you will be about what to outsource in your business, what you enjoy doing, and how you tend to interact with others.

Strengths are also great way to connect with a potential employer when being interviewed or interviewing someone else to see if they are a good fit for a position.

Tip #3 Access and Pay Attention to your Intuition

Pay attention to the times when you feel that gut feeling within. You know what I’m talking about, your stomach starts to ache, you get goose bumps, chills, or you just know something isn’t right? This is your intuition getting your attention.

The more you pay attention to your immediate feelings and that inner knowingness, the more connected you will start to become to your inner genius.

Tip #4 Align yourself Physically

It’s easy to get drained and feel like the creative juices aren’t flowing when you need them the most.

In order to increase your physically energy and start the creative flow is to stand tall with your feet grounded, shoulder width apart. Next start taking a few deep breaths from the stomach to the chest, then start bending your legs together at the same time up and down as you feel the energy flow from your feat to your head. After you do this 5 times you will automatically feel more alert and alive.

This increases your energy and instantly gets the blood flowing back to your head.

Tip #5 Live from the Heart, not the Head

You know the times when you get that gut feeling that you need to do something and automatically want to say YES! But then, something holds you back as your brain starts thinking and contemplating why or why you shouldn’t move forward.

When you are living from the heart you start listening to the inner knowingness and less to what others are saying you should or shouldn’t do.

I call the heart a pathway to your inner genius because the heart is your true essence of who you are. When you are thinking with your heart, you are able to turn off your reasoning, limiting beliefs, and societal and family programming that has been embedded in your head since birth.

To connect further with heart and to make decisions from your heart, place your hand on your heart and breath into it for a few minutes when making a decision. This is where you will find your inner genius and be able to access answers to all of your most important questions.

Ultimately, each one of you has an inner genius that is available to you at any time. The key is learning to trust your inner wisdom by going within for answers. The more you believe it exists and unleash your greatness, the more the world will be attracted to your uniqueness and inner genius.

Much love,

Stacey Ellen

How to Align Your Energy to Attract More Customers or Job Prospects

There are people out there that want your services. There are businesses out there that want to hire you.

Are you confident that you are taking the right actions to bring everything you want toward you?

Our actions will either attract or repel the things we want most.

Here are 5 things you can do to start aligning your energy to bring anything toward you that you ultimately seek.

Tip #1 Let Go of the Past

There are certain things in our past that we all consciously or subconsciously hold onto.

When making a decision or reacting to a situation, stop and ask yourself if you are responding based on the current situation or are you responding a certain way based on something that’s happened in the past.

Being able to acknowledge when this happens will help you align your energy with the present and BE in the present. You can then move forward and CHOOSE how you want to react.

Tip #2 Clear Your Mental State of Mind

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your mind and connect with yourself.

When negative thoughts creep in, take deep belly breaths up into your chest for at least 3 minutes. Counting up to 4 or 5 and then out the same number will clear the mind if thoughts start to enter. When thoughts do enter, thank them, then visualize them floating away like a balloon in the wind.

Meditation can help you remain calm, receptive, and open to aligning yourself to your highest good.

Tip #3 Daily Visualizations

Visualization is so powerful in order to connect with the energy of what you are seeking.

Everyday when you are in the meditative state of mind, use the 5 senses to align yourself with what you are seeking.
Get a mental picture the client or the job you are seeking. What environment are you in? What are the smells around you? What are the conversations you are having? What service are you performing for them?

When you visualize, pay attention to how you feel. How does it feel to have them as clients or to be obtaining the ideal job? If you want to manifest $100, but you are feeling that the money is not in your pocket, you are in the vibration of lack. In this case you will attract more lack into your life.

The goal is to experience the feelings that you already have that which you seek.

Tip #4 Stay in a Positive, High Energy Vibration

In general, negative thinking, limited beliefs, doubts and visualizing from the state of lack are the main causes of people being unable to align their energy to attract what they want in life. It’s imperative that you are not focused on what you don’t have.

After the visualization you should find ways to keep yourself uplifted for at least couple of hours, this part can be difficult for some people.
Go see a funny movie, call a funny friend, or dance in your living room. Plant a smile on your face. A smile will always raise your energy and illuminate a positive vibration that others will feel in seconds.

In this space the universe can start sending you signs that your energy is attracting what you want.

Tip #5 Believing it is Possible

This is probably the most important part. We all say that we know that certain things are possible. However, believing something is possible is very different.

If you have any hesitation or concerns around your abilities to attract a client or the ideal job, hesitation and concern are what you will project out to the world and ultimately attract back to you.

You have to be so clear upon your desires and actually Believe they are possible for you.
Sometimes we even have fears around succeeding. This can also bring you further from your desired outcome because you’re living with a negative fear emotion.

You will know if your energy is in full alignment with something because you will start attracting it into your space.

To your success,