The Five Monsters That Kill Your Success: Part Five

Halloween is now over but those Five Monsters of Success are still lurking – as we head into the hectic holidays, there’s one last monster to watch out for – the straining, draining, energy vampire.

Energy Vampires

Have you ever met people and notice how exhausted you feel after hanging out with them?  They talk about themselves the whole time you are with them and the conversation feels very one-sided.   Or, they might be stuck in emotions of complaining, blaming, or discontent?  You then leave your meeting or hang-out feeling completely drained and unfulfilled.  This is what I call an Energy Vampire situation.  Three words: get out now!

These people suck every last once of positive energy out of you.  There are many in this world, and it becomes even more clear when we’re gathered together for the holidays when so many of us who don’t normally get together join for extended visits. It is important to practice becoming aware of your feelings once you leave these interactions, instead of trying to push it away without dealing with the emotion it invokes.

Jim Rohn says, “We become an average of the 5 people we spend most our time with.”  Therefore, even more important than one-off gatherings, is to pay attention to who you allow in your space on a daily basis.  Allow friendships that aren’t fulfilling, positive, and inspiring to fade so they don’t suck all the life out of you.

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