The Five Monsters That Kill Your Success: Part 3

This Halloween week little ghouls and goblins will be roaming the streets, looking for treats. And in your very own life, five “monsters” lurk around every corner, looking for opportunities to trick you out of your success. I discussed monster #1: The Inner Demon here, Monster # 2:  The Comparison Monster here, and today: it’s the dreaded Zombie Zappers!

Zombie Zappers

You are born certain wants and desires, and as you age, you constantly cultivate these wants and desires around what you want out of life.

We dream so big as youngsters. Do you remember what you wanted to be and do when you were a child?

As time flies by, we might not think we are capable of doing the things we once dreamed about.  But many times you will feel that pull (or zing) to do something.  The key is to listen to that pull you feel in the pit of your stomach. Feel your feelings, and act when you feel inspired. 

If you don’t practice listening to yourself, you will often miss the chances of a lifetime.

Don’t let your dreams die within you.   If you do, you may start to experience Monster #4, Ghosts of Regret (check in for that post tomorrow!)