How to Align Your Energy to Attract More Customers or Job Prospects

There are people out there that want your services. There are businesses out there that want to hire you.

Are you confident that you are taking the right actions to bring everything you want toward you?

Our actions will either attract or repel the things we want most.

Here are 5 things you can do to start aligning your energy to bring anything toward you that you ultimately seek.

Tip #1 Let Go of the Past

There are certain things in our past that we all consciously or subconsciously hold onto.

When making a decision or reacting to a situation, stop and ask yourself if you are responding based on the current situation or are you responding a certain way based on something that’s happened in the past.

Being able to acknowledge when this happens will help you align your energy with the present and BE in the present. You can then move forward and CHOOSE how you want to react.

Tip #2 Clear Your Mental State of Mind

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your mind and connect with yourself.

When negative thoughts creep in, take deep belly breaths up into your chest for at least 3 minutes. Counting up to 4 or 5 and then out the same number will clear the mind if thoughts start to enter. When thoughts do enter, thank them, then visualize them floating away like a balloon in the wind.

Meditation can help you remain calm, receptive, and open to aligning yourself to your highest good.

Tip #3 Daily Visualizations

Visualization is so powerful in order to connect with the energy of what you are seeking.

Everyday when you are in the meditative state of mind, use the 5 senses to align yourself with what you are seeking.
Get a mental picture the client or the job you are seeking. What environment are you in? What are the smells around you? What are the conversations you are having? What service are you performing for them?

When you visualize, pay attention to how you feel. How does it feel to have them as clients or to be obtaining the ideal job? If you want to manifest $100, but you are feeling that the money is not in your pocket, you are in the vibration of lack. In this case you will attract more lack into your life.

The goal is to experience the feelings that you already have that which you seek.

Tip #4 Stay in a Positive, High Energy Vibration

In general, negative thinking, limited beliefs, doubts and visualizing from the state of lack are the main causes of people being unable to align their energy to attract what they want in life. It’s imperative that you are not focused on what you don’t have.

After the visualization you should find ways to keep yourself uplifted for at least couple of hours, this part can be difficult for some people.
Go see a funny movie, call a funny friend, or dance in your living room. Plant a smile on your face. A smile will always raise your energy and illuminate a positive vibration that others will feel in seconds.

In this space the universe can start sending you signs that your energy is attracting what you want.

Tip #5 Believing it is Possible

This is probably the most important part. We all say that we know that certain things are possible. However, believing something is possible is very different.

If you have any hesitation or concerns around your abilities to attract a client or the ideal job, hesitation and concern are what you will project out to the world and ultimately attract back to you.

You have to be so clear upon your desires and actually Believe they are possible for you.
Sometimes we even have fears around succeeding. This can also bring you further from your desired outcome because you’re living with a negative fear emotion.

You will know if your energy is in full alignment with something because you will start attracting it into your space.

To your success,

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