The Five Monsters That Kill Your Success: Part Four

This Halloween  little ghouls and goblins will be roaming the streets, looking for treats. And in your very own life, five “monsters” lurk around every corner, looking for opportunities to trick you out of your success. I discussed monster #1: The Inner Demon , Monster # 2:  The Comparison Monster , and Zombie Zappers. Today, it’s Ghosts of Regret.

Ghosts of Regret

What happens in the past, stays in the past.

Or does it?

We all have things that we’ve done that we may have choose differently had we been in that situation again. Whether we think about these on a daily basis or not, having things in our past that bring up anger, frustration, or any deep-rooted feelings, may be hindering you more than you realize in the present.

If you are sitting with regrets, you are stuck focusing on the past. Staying focused on the past robs you of the beauty in the present.  We all go through lessons and experience adversity in life. Practice noticing how this incident has redirected you in your thoughts, emotions, and in your life, what you can learn about yourself and others regarding what happened.

To rid yourself of any energy that feels like it’s holding you back or leaving you feeling stuck in the past, practice forgiveness.  Forgiveness of self and others doesn’t mean what happened is okay with you, it just means you are no longer willing to hold onto the negative emotions you have been carrying in response to what happened.  Forgiveness in this way frees all of you.

Tomorrow, as you’re dusting off the cobwebs, check in for my final installment – Energy Vampires.