Young woman in a summer fieldWhat are Affirmations?  DO THEY ACTUALLY WORK?
Positive affirmations have been a spiritual technology for thousands of years. They are a very simple tool to use- so simple in fact that they often get glanced over as being not very effective or just a plain hoax. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. Affirmations are extremely powerful, life-transforming tools. If you apply the affirmations below correctly, you will see powerful transformations in your life.

How do affirmations work?

First and foremost, YOU MUST be willing to create change in your life. So you many need to practice telling yourself in your mirror that you are ready to create change. Practice this as many times as you need to feel powerful in that statement while looking into your own eyes.

Affirmations work by reprogramming your subconscious mind and changing the beliefs that you hold about yourself, your life and the world, which has the effect of attracting into your life the things you really want, but up until now have not shown up for you.

You see there is a huge disconnect between what our conscious minds think about ourselves and what our subconscious mind actually believes about ourselves. And 99% of the time, the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. When you repeat a positive affirmation over and over, even if your conscious mind doesn’t think it is true, over time your subconscious mind begins to believe it to be true and then it begins to override your conscious mind.

You might be wondering how changing your subconscious beliefs affect you in the world outside of your mind. Well, whether you realize it or not, the beliefs that you hold in your subconscious shade the way you see the world and what opportunities you attract in.

Let’s say that on the outside, you appear to be confident, positive and happy, but on the inside you really believe (even without realizing it) that you are not worthy of great things and big success. Well, in that case, that underlying doubt and belief in your own unworthiness will sabotage you. You may not feel worthy and confident, so you do not see career or promotion opportunities available to you, or you don’t think that they apply for you, or perhaps you think you are not good enough, pretty enough, handsome enough to talk to that man or woman you meet a party. There are many ways that having a negative subconscious belief can be sabotaging your life.

Positive affirmations, in essence allow you to reprogram those subconscious beliefs so that they do not hold you back. You can program yourself to feel more worthy, capable, confident, energized, happier, joyful, etc.

Remember, however; you don’t need to know how they work in order for them to work. Just try them consistently for 30-90 days and see for yourself the results. The proof is always in the pudding.  Happy Affirming to You!

1. There are so many people who are ready for that which I know.   There are so many people who will benefit from the wisdom that I  have amassed.  Please bring us together.


2.  That which I seek is seeking me, I let go of how it will come to me and I focus on my heart’s desire.


3.  I love and approve of myself.  I forgive and totally release the past experiences. I open my heart and create only loving communication.  I am on an endless journey through eternity and there is plenty of time.


4.  I release the pattern of delay within me. I now allow success to be mine. I recognize my own intuitive ability. I recognize my own true worth. I am wonderful. I am safe and secure. I am peaceful and trust the process of life.


5.  My needs are always met. I ask for the highest and best good for all involved, including myself.


6.  I am ready, able, and worthy of receiving all that’s for my highest good.


7.  I believe in myself and know I’m here for a reason. I will keep stepping into my power and shine bright for others to see.


8.  I flow easily with new experiences, new challenges, and new people who flow into my life.


9.  I forgive everyone in my past (including myself) with perceived wrongs and release them with ease.


10.  My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy!


11.  I am more than capable of achieving my dreams and living a life I love. I am divinely guided on my path to that which is in the best interest and highest good for me and for others.


12.  I am available to more joy that I’ve ever experienced.  My heart is open and there is nothing that can take that away from me.  I feel amazing!  It is a beautiful day and everything flows perfectly for me.


13.  My mind is clear and focused and I am accomplishing everything I set out to do.


14.  Everything that’s necessary for the fulfillment of my hearts desire is lovingly and harmoniously drawn to me.  I accept this or something better.  I am ready receptive and grateful, and so it is.


15.  I am abundant in all areas of my life. Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways. I am blessed.


16.  I love every cell in my body and listen to the messages it tells me everyday.


17.  Life supports me in every way possible.


18.  All that I ever need to know in any moment is revealed to me.  My intuition is my guide and always sends me in the right direction for me.


19.  I will succeed in anything I put my mind to because everything is possible when I believe it is so.


20.  I am a magnet for abundance and love.


21.  I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.


22.  I am wildly abundant and money easily flows into my life in miraculous ways. I am blessed and I am a blessing.


23.  I am the only person who has control over my thoughts, feelings, and emotions and choose to direct them toward love in every given moment.


24.  I am grateful for this healthy body and the amazing person I am.  I love life.


25.  “I am good enough, strong enough, and gosh darnnit, people like me.”  LOL 🙂

Can anyone name where this is quote is from?



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